1. Service from the clouds for the Glazing Industry

    Cloud Services are a major talking point at the moment, with broadband speeds vastly increasing more and more services are taking advantage of internet. So what are Cloud Services? and what do Cloud Services have to do with the glazing industry you might ask? A cloud service is basically a service that runs on the internet, and can be accessed from...
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  2. Lock snapping sweeping through Huddersfield

    Recent crime reports in the Examiner, Huddersfields local news paper show that lock snapping is sweeping through local areas at the moment. Dalton, Lepton, Almondbury, Rawthorpe, Waterloo and Moldgreen have all had various crimes taking place that have involved the vulnerable euro lock cylinders. LEPTON: April 30. A thief snapped a Europrofile lock on the back patio doors of a home. A mobile...
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