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ABS Anti Snap Lock Cylinders

ABS Anti Snap Lock Cylinders

When ordering a new euro cylinder the two most important measurements you must obtain are the internal size and external size of the existing euro cylinder. These are simply measured from each end of the cylinder to the centre of the screw hole in the middle of the cylinder. All measurements are in millimeters.

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Avocet ABS Anti Snap Euro Door Cylinder Lock Barrel - High Security Pas24 Secure By Design Lock Barrels.

Why purchase the ABS Cylinder?

The ABS cylinder has special built in Snap Secure technology that ensures that if the door is attacked the cylinder snaps from the outside and blocks access to the internal mechanism of the upvc door lock.

ABS anti snap door upvc locks feature unique patented technology that locks the cam in position when the euro cylinder lock comes under attack.These upvc door cylinders & keys are cut using specalist purpose made tooling, featuring laser cutting technolodgy. Keys for this UPVC cylinder can only be obtained through a controlled procedure again increasing security.

If you are interested in learning more about what makes a high security ABS Euro cylinder a better than a cheap standard euro cylinder, have a watch of the video below:

High security ABS locks replace existing substandard europrofile locks in minutes, perfect for quickly replacing your broken upvc door lock or upgrading your upvc lock security. The result, An instantly secure 3 star rated lock that the burglar can't get past.

Avocet ABS Euro Cylinder

A police approved high security lock. Secured by Design and British Kitemarked. Patented Snap Secure Technology. Pick, Drill and Bump Resistant.

A key feature of the Avocet ABS cylinder is that it provides some of the highest levels of upvc door lock security available. This is why the ABS euro door lock cylinder has achieved BSI Kite Mark accreditation, added to this the Avocet ABS anti snap euro lock cylinder is also a "Secured By Design" approved product.

The Avocet ABS cylinder has unique, engineered technology which makes it impenetrable by lock snapping, one of the most common attack methods used by burglars today. The ABS lock also has bump and pick resistant pins built into the door lock to help resist bumping and or lock picking attacks, which can sometimes be used by the professional burglar.

Avocet ABS Cylinder Security Features

ABS euro lock cylinders requires no additional security devices such as high security handles or cylinder guards to prevent burglary from snapping due to the secure way it prevents lock snapping access to the door multipoint lock mechanism.

What is the purpose of the key card included with ABS Cylinders?

This key card contains a unique code which allows a new key to be cut, without knowing this unique code it is not possible to cut a new key for the cylinder. This offers the advantage of been able to lend the key out knowing a duplicate key cannot be cut.

Avocet ABS Keys


How to remove a Euro Door Cylinder:


How to measure a Euro Door Cylinder: