Recent crime reports in the Examiner, Huddersfields local news paper show that lock snapping is sweeping through local areas at the moment. Dalton, Lepton, Almondbury, Rawthorpe, Waterloo and Moldgreen have all had various crimes taking place that have involved the vulnerable euro lock cylinders.

LEPTON: April 30. A thief snapped a Europrofile lock on the back patio doors of a home. A mobile phone and a Seat Leon were stolen. The car was later recovered and a Leeds man was arrested.

May 1: Europrofile lock was snapped on a house door and on the same day wooden gates were stolen from the entrance to a residential complex.

MOLDGREEN: May 8. A burglar snapped the lock on a back door but was disturbed by a member of public walking past and made off on foot through the bushes at the back.

WATERLOO: April 30. A Europrofile lock was snapped on the side door to a house, both car and house keys were stolen.

May 1. Tax discs were stolen from buses. On the same day burglars attempted to gain entry to a house by snapping the Europrofile lock on the back door

Source: Huddersfield Examiner

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