When replacing a double glazed unit in a Upvc window you might come across the phrase "Toe and Heeling". Toe and heeling is an important step in the installation of glass (double glazed units) Upvc windows. It helps ensure proper alignment and prevents issues like sagging or misalignment over time.

Toe and heeling involves supporting the double-glazed unit, these packers are placed at opposite diagonal corners on the inner frame of the window.

To explain this process more and teach people how to replace a double glazed unit in a Upvc Window we have created the video below:

Below are links to the tools and accessories used in the above video:

These accessories will help you to easily replace the double glazed unite in your Upvc Window.

Of course if you are still not 100% sure and need advice you can email our team, include as much information as possible and we will do our best to advise you on undertaking the repair.