Window Tutorials

  1. Old Coldseal Tallon Upvc Window Lock

    Replacement Old Coldseal Tallon Upvc Window Lock One of the most common questions we get asked is “how do I repair my old Coldseal UPVC window lock rod”? Unfortunately the Coldseal window lock was withdrawn from the market when they went bust in the 1990’s. Over the years they had a number of variations of locks they used but the two...
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  2. Window back set dimension and how to measure it

    The back set dimension on a window locking mechanism is referred to as the space from the front of the faceplate, to the centre of the spindle, this should be measured in mm. The detailed image below illustrates where you should be measuring to and from to obtain the correct measurement. Now you have obtained the correct backset measurements you can purchase a suitable replacement. View our range of UPVC...
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  3. Window Lock Mechanisms - How to measure and choose

    How to measure & choose the correct window lock mechanism. First of all there are two types of locks Inline and Offset. Generally speaking most modern systems are fitted with the inline version as shown below. However in older systems it was common to use the Offset versions as also shown below. It is relatively easy to identify the right...
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  4. Window Hinge fitting & replacement for UPVC Windows

    How to fit a window hinge: This tutorial will help you change uPVC Window Hinge’s, although it is fairly straightforward careful planning is important. In some cases if the faulty window is not on the ground floor two people will be needed, one to support the window and the other to fix the window sash to the window frame.  ...
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