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Burglary Prevention

  1. Lock Snapping The Euro Door Cylinder Vulnerability

    What's Lock Snapping? Lock Snapping is a crime that exploits a Vulnerability in the Euro Cylinder, which is found in millions of UPVC doors. Most UPVC doors are secured with a replaceable barrel known as a Euro Profile cylinder, over the past few years there has been a rise in forced entry break-ins using a method know as lock snapping. New standards have...
  2. A Secure Home, The UPVC Front Door

    A UPVC Front Door can be quite insecure, your front door is the primary route of entry and exit into the house, and can also be the most vulnerable point of the home too! However you can make some simple adjustments to your UPVC Front Door that will greatly improve home security. UPVC Front Doors are generally unsuitable for retro-fit security devices...

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