What's Lock Snapping?

Lock Snapping is a crime that exploits a Vulnerability in the Euro Cylinder, which is found in millions of UPVC doors. Most UPVC doors are secured with a replaceable barrel known as a Euro Profile cylinder, over the past few years there has been a rise in forced entry break-ins using a method know as lock snapping. New standards have now been developed to test a euro cylinders resistance against snapping attacks.

The common euro cylinder lock on most homes has a major weakness located around the screw fixing position which means when pressure is applied the lock simply snaps. Once this happens the cam that operates the door bolt falls away allowing access - within seconds! This has lead to a massive increase in "lock snapping". A crime that started in West Yorkshire, however now spreading through the United Kingdom. Lock Snapping has recently made national news on the BBC News at 10, on the Nov 15th last year.

For Lock Snapping to take place It doesn't matter how many hooks and bolts your door has. The euro cylinder is the weakest link. Burglars are aware of this weakness and lock snapping break-ins are rising as a result. The Police are urging home-owners to review their locks to upgrade to new TS007 British Kitemark 3 star and Sold Secure Diamond rated locks.

What's the Solution to Lock Snapping?

The answer is a simple, an inexpensive upgrade to your existing UPVC Door that will prevent it from been exploited by Lock Snapping. After testing various cylinders myself I have settled on the ABS Cylinder.

The ABS high security cylinder lock has unique patented Snap Secure technology that effectively blocks out intruders after a snapping attack. The ABS Cylinder has three main sections which help to prevent Lock Snapping.

1) Break-off Front

Sacrificial front section which will break off if attacked. The lock will still be operable with the key on the remaining part of the cylinder.

2) Snap Secure Technology

The Abs Cylinder takes lock security to another level with it patented system that locks the cam in to position if the second portion of the ABS lock has been snapped.

3) A Total Barrier

If sections one and two are removed in an attack the patented locking cam and blocking mechanism are retained within the lock casing, this will provide a total barrier against entry.

[caption id="attachment_261" align="aligncenter" width="640"]ABS Euro Lock Snap Solution The ABS Euro Lock Snap Solution[/caption]

Installing an ABS Euro Cylinder is the most simple, retrofit upgrade that leaves you with a 3 star British Kitemark rated lock. The alternative is a difficult to govern two star rated security hardware which is not easy to retrofit as the door has to be modified.

[caption id="attachment_267" align="aligncenter" width="576"]ABS 3 Star Sold Secure Diamond Lock ABS 3 Star Sold Secure Diamond Lock[/caption]

I hope this post provides an informative look as to why I recommend the ABS as the best solution to prevent Lock Snapping, and most of all improving the security of your home.

With the ABS Euro Cylinder it's possible to secure all the entrances in your home and have them work off the same key.