The Patlock is the ultimate french door security device. Patlock provides maximum visibility to show any would be intruder that the door is security protected. Even if the door cylinder locks are attacked the Patlock will remain in place and keep the doors securely locked.

Customers love the Patlock as not only does it provide visibility security to make a would be intruder think twice about trying, it provides a great second layer of security for any would be intrudes who does try to gain entry to your home.

In addition the Patlock comes with new Patlock security spindles to fit to your existing door handles, once fitted correctly these new spindles prevent the door handles from been removed on the inside even if the handle set is broken off externally.

5 Key features of the Patlock are:

  • Easy fitting, no drilling required
  • Locks securely in position quickly and securely
  • Heavy duty design and use
  • Visible deterrent
  • Fits almost all standard french double door handles

The Patlock has been featured multiples times on the BBC TV series, Break in Britain, below is a segment from that series which demonstrates how the Patlock works:

If you have french doors then then click here to purchase a Patlock from our secure online store and upgrade your door security today.