Our Team have been hard at work on Draught Zone, a new area of our website dedicated to our increasing catalogue of replacement Gaskets for Windows and Doors.

The goal of Draught Zone is to make it easy to narrow down and identify the replacement gasket for a Window or Door, by following a simple process on screen.

Simply start by selecting if you are looking for a Window or Door gasket, next choose the type of Window or Door, then finally the type of gasket you are looking for.

Draught Zone is designed to be as visual as possible, showing images of Window, Door and gasket type where relevant.

We hope Draught Zone will greatly narrow down the choice when searching for the correct replacement gasket, we do also still have our Window and Door Gasket Sample Portfolio to assist with identifying a suitable replacement.

In addition customers are able to contact us with some photos of the gasket they desire to replace, we will do our best to link to the correct gasket. Sometimes we might ask for a sample to be posted in, so we can better try find a suitable replacement, or even source a replacement if the required gasket is not currently present in our range.

Why not browse our new Draught Zone and let us know what you think?

Below you can view a video on how you can save money on your heating bill by replacing those old failing gaskets in your Windows and Doors:

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