Replacing a panel on a Upvc door is possible, allowing for Upvc doors to be repaired. However many different Upvc Door systems exist so its not possible to showcase an exact step by step of the process that will work for every Upvc door out in the wild that has ever been manufactured.

However, we can showcase the process of replacing a door panel in general, which could vary slightly for the particular Upvc Door you are working on.

With that in mind we have created the video below, showcasing how to replace a Upvc Door Panel:

Below are links to the tools and accessories used in the above video:

Don Carlos Upvc Glazing Bead Removal Knife To De Glaze Glass

Richard Duty Slim Head Upvc Glazing Bead Removal Knife To De Glaze Glass

Upvc Double Glazing Shovel Tool For Toe / Heeling Windows & Doors

Thorex Plastic Mallet Hammer Glazing Tool Heavy Duty

Of course if you are still not 100% sure and need advice you can email our team, include as much information as possible and we will do our best to advise you on undertaking the repair.