White Upvc Door Panel Reinforced Flat Foam Infill 28mm 24mm 20mm Thick

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White Upvc Door Panel Reinforced Flat Foam Infill 28mm 24mm 20mm Thick is available to buy in increments of 1

Upvc White flat skin replacement infill panel to suit white Upvc. These are a 28mm, 24mm, or 20mm thick panel reinforced with 4mm MDF sandwiched between a dense foam to provide excellent thermal insulation and security. N:B these door panels use a 1.4mm which are approx. 75% thicker than many cheaper door panel options. Often used to glaze the lower half of upvc doors with a mid-rail and glass above. However can be used as an infill within any double glazing system to the appropriate thickness & are all sized as follows: width 750mm X 750mm height.

White Upvc Door Flat Infill Panel MDF Reinforced 28mm 24mm Or 20mm Thick Heavy Duty UV Stable 

These are heavy duty UV stable door moulded raised panels used by our own installation teams since 1983 to glaze Upvc residential doors for both security and thermal installation. The panel is easily cut to size using a fine cut timber panel saw, Jig saw or if preferred circular saw. 

Something To Note:
N:B these door panels use a 1.4mm skins unlike most other cheaper door panels which are approx. 75% thinner at only 0.8mm thick. Thinner skins become more brittle at lower temperatures making them less robust for everyday use.

  • Colour: White 
  • Width 750mm Height 750mm
  • 28mm Thick, 24mm Thick Or 20mm Thick Options (N:B door panels work to a 1-2mm tolerance in regard to these dimnesions)
  • Reinforced with 4mm MDF Sandwiched between foam thermal infill

Fitting Tip: Upvc door panels are not difficult to replace with only a few basic skills required:

Measure the glazing panel / glass to be replaced noting both the width and height. Measure the top bottom & middle (doing this ensures you do not get the wrong size as once you have cut it there is no going back)

If you do not have an existing panel or glass to work to then you need to measure the glazing area to be filled and allow an approximate 5mm fresh air gap all round to be able to slide the panel into. The Upvc will expand and move in hot weather so do not make it so tight it cannot move as this will increase the chance of the panel bowing cracking & DE-laminating.

Transfer the dimensions onto the panel to be cut & in the case of panels with a raised molding ensure these are centrally laid out to fit in the overall dimensions. N:B leave the protective film on the panel for marking out & cutting to prevent any marks or scratches. TIP: When you fit the panel just pull the tape back by about 30 – 40mm from all four sides in and out so that you do not trap the tape behind the gaskets when glazing up.

The panel is easily cut to size using a fine cut timber panel saw, Jig saw or if preferred circular saw. 

Removing the beads is best done with a purpose made glazing bead knife (Our part:2143 & you may find our how to do You Tube Video: Replacing A Double Glazed Unit (DGU)

Once cut to size offer the panel into the glazing area ensuring it is sat on the purpose made glazing packers that were there previously (noting the tips in the how to do video) and re-fit the glazing beads you earlier removed ensuring they go back in the same place and order you removed them.

Remember due to the bonding process of door panels they will always work to a 1-2mm depth tolerance. In doors that are particularly old it should be noted that the glazing gaskets will of lost some compression purely due to been compressed over such a long time and variation in seasons. If this is the issue you may need to also consider replacing the glazing gaskets as an option. Alternatively a suitable all weather sealant may be additionally required. 

Clean the panel and door down using either warm soapy water or Upvc cream cleaner for more stubborn marks and scuffs. N: B never clean with chemicals or abrasive materials.

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Gref 2842-2844
Brand Gardinia
Backset No
Deadbolts No
Faceplate Dimensions No
Hooks No
Mushrooms No
Pinbolts No
PZ (Spindle To Key) No
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Screw Centres No
Spindle Size No
Type No
Patio Screw Fix No
Choose Colour No
Locking Types No
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