Sometimes a replacement part is not always required to make a repair, you just need some know how. Once you have this, then the fix is simple.

This was the case for David from New York over in America. A local company were going to charge David $400 just to take a look at his door, thinking it couldn't be repaired. Another company had installed a $5000 replacement door for one of David's neighbors, something David was keen to avoid if at all possible.

Alan from the Upvc Spares 4 Repairs technical team here in Huddersfield, England was able to help David resolve his issue with a simple phone call, at no cost at all to David.

Below is the Google review David left us over the weekend:

“I was having issues with a tilt and slide patio door that wasn't closing. I couldn't find anyone in the US that could help me and the repairmen I was calling were asking for $400 or more to just look at it. I found Alan at UPVC Spares 4 Repairs online and sent him an email explaining my problem. I included a few pictures and he invited me to call him. Even though it was 10:00PM he patiently talked me through the necessary repairs. He didn't have to do this for me. We had never met, I never bought anything from him, nor was I likely to. But he stayed up late to do so. Now if he was willing to take so much trouble to help me, I can only imagine the effort he puts in to help his customers. I cannot recommend him more highly. Thank you Alan, thank you, thank you!”

We're over the moon that we were able to help David out of a potentially very expensive situation, with some simple advice over the phone.  Knowledge is power as the saying goes!