In these surreal times it is natural that we all feel that little bit less secure & whilst that is a natural result of the insecurity the Covid 19 virus has forced upon us all it has led me to reviewing what we can be doing to make our homes more secure and getting round to those quick and easy jobs that will leave our loved ones and our property’s safe and sound when required.

One of the best inventions over the last decade has been the sash jammer that can be quickly and easily fitted to secure any Upvc window or door by even the least handy of us.

The Gardinia sash jammer is able to swiftly secure any opening sash with only four fixing screws required and can be completed in 15 minutes work time.

Have you got a more modern flush fitting Composite or timber door or window fitted to your property then don’t worry the new Gardinia flush fitting sash jammer here is perfect for that situation & works just the same.

How about upgrading the euro door lock cylinder on you door lock ?

One of the major security issues over the last few years has been the issue of would be intruders using lock snapping to quickly and quietly enter peoples property’s. This technique has been developed to focus in on a flaw that al old type euro door cylinders have where there is so little metal left after manufacture due to its shape that you can easily snap the lock in 2 with a bit of brute force and some simple tools. Once this occurs the door lock can easily be accessed and opened without any further damage.

However the new anti-snap cylinders engineered prevent this by allowing the front face to purposely shear away when attacked meaning that there is no longer any material left externally to be attacked therefore frustrating the would be intruder and leaving your home still secure.

The BSI Kitemarked anti snap cylinder can easily be fitted by almost anyone & of course just click onto our video tab to view the how to remove and measure videos we have produced for your peace of mind if you want to fit the best cylinder with the top of the range 3 star Diamond security and security keys then the ABS lock here is for you.

It even allows you to be able to build all the locks in your home to the same key which is handy if you like to use different doors throughout the day.

If you have any questions before purchasing or require product advice then do get in touch with us. We are always happy to help.