In a static caravan it would be advisable to incorporate a quick release thumb turn, door euro lock cylinder in the exit door to enable you to escape fast in the event of an emergency, without the need for you to go rummaging around looking for the door key, particularly whilst in a stressed situation.

Life is more valuable, than the cost of this additional peace of mind.

You will all have experienced the situation, where you, or the wife and perhaps the children have put the door key out of the way. Finding it becomes so frustrating to say the least. But in an emergency, this would be a major issue for you and your family to overcome as the panic sets in.

It is a simple job to change the euro cylinder, taking you around 15 minutes, with only a screwdriver.

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Below we have produced some videos which showing how to measure your euro cylinder and then also how to exchange the replacement in the door.

How To Measure A Euro Door Cylinder:

How To Fit A Euro Cylinder:

Hopefully you have found our advice of some use, this is a no brainer for any static caravan owner.

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