We all know we never seem to get round to those stiff and tired windows that we have to slam shut and force open.

With spring now upon us and most of us forced to spend more time at home, we now have an opportunity to sort them out meaning that we can once more secure our property’s and come the summer months.

Yes it will arrive! we can once more open and close our windows to provide much needed ventilation & should the worst happen even provide a much needed form of escape.

Obviously over the years the many various Upvc profile companies have had a vested interest in updating and changing the shape of the products every few years to meet the new demands.

Once they do this the length and size of the window handle spindles need to change to suit the new variations which is confusing and presents a problem for the jobbing DIY person unfamiliar with these issues. The smart range of handles quickly overcomes this issue as it removes the need to remove the current handle to ascertain the size required as it comes complete with all the different sized spindles to suit your needs, see the Mila ProLinea Smart Spindle Window Lock handle 9mm - 50mm Long Range to purchase this product.

Once you do this and screw it firmly in place it should give you a trouble-free installation.

If you are suffering from a broken window lock and can't find or do not know which one to choose? then take a look at our all in one window lock kit.

We have sourced and developed this lock to be able to suit most upvc window systems fitted over the last 20 years plus. Its clever design will cater for both the very old offset window locks & can be used to fit the more modern inline window locks. You may even have one of the old Coldseal Windows Tallon locks that were widely used & fitted in the 90’s which can be replaced with this lock.

It can be easily cut to size to suit smaller windows & comes complete with optional fixing screws and frame keeps & fitting instructions. Lastly take a browse around our web page and click on the how to do videos to meet our Spares Owner Mick who will show you how to tackle this DIY procedure.

Lastly still unsure what you might need or just want some additional advice then feel free to take some images of your windows showing us the current locks or handles fitted and our technical team will get back to you and will try to advise and direct you to the best fit options to get your windows back in full working order. Contact us online.