A question we have received a number times recently is  “I need some replacement glazing beads for a window.”

The answer is no, we do not sell replacement glazing beads. I will try to explain why we don’t and why it will be difficult to find some. While there are some standards for handles and locking mechanisms etc, glazing beads are designed  as part of a suite of upvc profiles. The glazing bead will be designed to locate into the glazing platform and with the glazing gaskets  secure the double glazed and give a weather tight seal.

The glazing bead from one profile suite (sometimes from the same manufacturer) is not compatible with the glazing bead from another. If you do need to remove the glazing beads ie to replace a double glazed unit this should be done with the utmost care so not to damage the glazing bead in anyway.

While obtaining replacement glazing beads is difficult it is not always impossible. If you know the name of the company where the window/door came from originally this is the place to start.  If that is not possible look to see if there is a name on one of the upvc profiles (Not on a locking mechanism, handle or hinge). A good place to start if you have removed the double glazed unit is on the glazing platform. Look on all the sides because the identification marks if any are printed or embossed every metre or so when the profile is extruded. Most of the numbering/lettering will refer to date/time, location, and extrusion line number. Try googling anything that looks like a name and you might get lucky and locate a manufacturers telephone number as a starting point.

While we can’t help with glazing beads we can with locks, handles and hinges.