Old Style Basta / Coldseal or Anglian door hinges are no longer made, however if you are wanting to move to an adjustable flag hinge operation then I would suggest our Gardinia Coldseal Anglian 3D Flag Door Hinge Full Replacement Kit

Our team built this kit to specifically deal with their very old and obsolete door hinges that are now no longer available, however as the kit is pretty universal it will fit most door systems and it comes with all the parts you should need including drilling templates, drill bits, screws and a how to do instruction sheet.

To that end it then becomes a decision of whether you are prepared to fit a new set of hinges and do your best to cover over the old holes as best as possible.

With that in mind we have created a video on removing an old style Basta / Coldseal or Anglian Upvc Door Hinge which can be viewed below:

In the above video we have assumed that you are replacing the old Coldseal hinges based on the significant volume of enquiries we receive for Coldseal doors. However you will find the process should be the same for older Anglian doors, in addition to Upvc Doors where Basta hinges have been used.

The procedure is still the same, however your old hinges will likely be different from our description and images.

With that in mind ff you have watched the above video and decided that you wish to go down this route, we would always suggest that all the hinges are changed on the door as the geometry of another make of hinge is likely to be different.

Also please do appreciate this means this might not be a direct fit replacement, however none of this is too difficult if you are able to carry out basic DIY and are able to take a logical approach.

Of course if you are still not 100% sure and need advice you can email our team, include as much information as possible and we will do our best to advise you on undertaking the repair.