Mila Cockspur Handles are ideal for repair jobs as you can use one Mila Cockspur Handle and know it will be possible to repair various different windows, due to the stack height that can be adjusted to the required size of the Upvc or Aluminium window, with the included packers.

In the video below Michael demonstrates what is included with the handle and talks about various scenarios the handle can be used in.

Purchase the Mila Smart Cockspur Window Handle online from our secure online store: Mila cockspur lug window handle 9mm to 21mm step - available in White, Gold, Chrome or Black. An ideal handle to keep stock of on the van due to how versatile it is.

Hopefully this has helped people newer to Upvc Window repairs. If you have any problems or require advice then our team is always happy to help. Simply contact us for a prompt response during business hours.