Usually we can say to customers if a replacement Upvc or timber Door mechanism exists on the repair market we can help, but what about when no repair mechanism exists?

You might think all is lost and all that can be done is to buy a totally new door, however that is actually not the case!

We have created a video that showcases how to repair Upvc and Timber Doors where the mechanism has failed and a direct replacement door mechanism is no longer manufactured.

We have two replacement mechanisms repair kits, one for Upvc Doors and one for Timber doors which can be purchased via the links below:

Purchase the Gardinia Upvc Door Repair Kit

Purchase the Gardinia Timber Door Repair Kit

Hopefully this has helped people gain the confidence to repair that old Upvc or Composite door that contains mechanisms that are no longer manufactured. If you have any problems or require advice then our team is always happy to help. Simply contact us for a prompt response during business hours.