A Patio Glider Installation How To:

Patio Glider Installation can be a bit tricky, however if you follow these simple steps your Patio Glider Installation should go smoothly.

Before we get started you will need to purchase a pair of replacement Tilt & Slide Patio Gliders.

1) Remove all screws holding the top track on except the last two to the fixed side.

2) Gently lever out the track from the unscrewed side so that the end of the track clears the plastered reveal.

3) You should now be able to un-clip the 2 glider blocks so that they can be pushed off the top track & then slide the new ones into the track.

4) Re-clip the arms back into the patio glider blocks and re screw the track back on.

Please note you must always have an able bodied person supporting the weight of the patio door in case it slips, also remember patio doors & glass are very heavy!

Hopefully this blog should have helped simply the Patio Glider Installation process, any comments are always welcome.

[caption id="attachment_327" align="aligncenter" width="595"]Patio Glider Installation Patio Gliders Fitting Diagram[/caption]

Again please remember this blog post is by way of advice only. It is recommended to employ a person(s) who is capable of, and experienced with Patio Glider Installations. Patio doors and glass are very heavy and can be dangerous to work with.