Hautau Tilt and Slide Upvc Patio Door Leading Bogie Springs

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Hautau tilt & slide patio L/H & R/H springs, This spring makes the leading Bogie roller (This is the roller that is on the same side as the handle viewed from inside) be able to engage / dis-engage from the bottom track arm connector block so allowing a smooth operation. The Left Hand is now obsolete and no longer made Please note the Right hand will only fit the right hand it cannot be adapted

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Hautau Tilt & Slide Upvc  Patio Door Springs To Repair Broken Upvc Patio Door

N:B The springs are viewed from inside the patio I:E L/H Spring = internal handle on L/H side of door. I:E R/H Spring =internal handle on R/H side of door.

What You Will Receive:

1 X Spring

The Left & Right Hand is now obsolete and no longer made 

This is by way of advice only unless you are able to support all this please employ person/s capable to do this work. Patio doors & glass are very heavy

  • You first need to unclip the 2 scissor arms that are at the top of the patio and connect the sliding door to the frame track
  • They will be fixed into glider blocks inside the track housing and fixed with either a Allen key or a slotted key and on some very old systems will be bolted onto the track with a couple of grub screws.
  •  Once unclipped / removed the patio door sash is now disconnected: N:B You must always have an able bodied person supporting the weight of the patio door in case it slips. If it does it will come crashing down and with the glass in situ will be heavy and dangerous.
  • Now you need to tilt the door sash down to approx 45 degrees (this allows the bogie wheels to come away from the bottom track which has a lip on to keep the wheels in situ when upright)
  • Now turn the door sash on its side to expose the bogie wheels etc and you should be able to see the location points to attach the new spring.
  • Using the pictures shown on the printout or on the site page you can now attach the spring
  • This is a fiddly job and will need you to thread the spring round the location lugs and fixing points etc and put the retaining lips in place
  • The spring should now hold the arm open on the leading bogie whilst in the sliding position so that the patio is in the correct position whilst sliding and locating into the closing operation
  • The springs are always of a slightly thinner gauge than the original and will never feel as strong but will work and are genuine parts (this is done by the manufacturers to allow them to be more flexible to aid the retro fit repair)


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