Stormguard Aluminium Draught Excluder Heavy Duty Gold Or Silver Brush

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Stormguard Aluminium Draught Excluder Heavy Duty Gold Or Silver Brush is available to buy in increments of 1
Stormguard brush strip aluminium draught sealing heavy duty gold draught excluder either in a 838mm strip or alternatively a 914mm long strip to suit both internal and external door systems. Available in a silver or gold polished bright finish.

Stormguard Aluminium Door Draught Sealing Brush 838mm Or 914mm Long Gold & Silver

This Stormguard brush strip heavy duty draught gasket door seal can be used to prevent draughts and water ingress to doors and windows that have over the years become troublesome. The metal strip is easily trimmed to length with either a junior hacksaw or wire cutting pliers and will do most normal sized doors and can be fitted to both internal and external type door systems.


  • Sold in either a 838mm or 914 mm strip
  • The 838mm long strip is long enough to do most standard sized doors
  • The 914mm long strip is used for extra wide openings that have been made 
  • Simply measure the width of the actual door slab to ascertain the strip required
  • The strip is easily cut to size with a junior hacksaw and scissors or wire cutting pliers.
  • Once cut to size using the pliers nip the metal strip at each end to firmly hold the brush gasket in place before screwing to the door.

Fitting tip: measure the width of the door at the bottom where you will fit the strip. Cut the draught seal to size and then place the strip to the bottom of the door so that the brush touches the floor surface noting if there are any high surfaces that will prevent the door from opening fully once fitted. Make a small pencil line mark in the furthest right hand fixing hole and do the same in the left hand fixing hole. Now taking a straight edge and draw a straight line between the two to create a fixing line to set the strip to. Now offer the strip up to the door once more and line all the holes up onto the pencil mark and mark all the fixing holes so that you can drill a small hole through each one and using an hand driver attach the strip to the bottom of the door.

More Information
Gref 2718-2721
Brand Stormguard
Backset No
Deadbolts No
Faceplate Dimensions No
Hooks No
Mushrooms No
Pinbolts No
PZ (Spindle To Key) No
Rollers No
Screw Centres No
Spindle Size No
Type No
Patio Screw Fix No
Choose Colour No
Locking Types No
Keep Code No
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