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Send a Photo - Whatsapp Instructions

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Send us an Image via Whatsapp:

We try to make it as easy as possible for customers to send us images of parts they are trying to replace, so we can advise on suitable replacements. For the average customer, we need to see the part and obtain some measurements to enable us to offer accurate advice. This is why we offer Email or Whatsapp support, rather than phone support.

Over time we have noticed customers have not always been able to email us photos or video of a problem part they are trying to replace, however have access to WhatsApp and a mobile phone.

WhatsApp is a free mobile messaging app with over 1 billion users, many people use WhatsApp instead of text or multimedia messages due to WhatsApp messages been free to send, this includes photo and video messages too.

With this in mind we’ve setup a system where customers can WhatsApp photos and video directly from their smartphone to a member of our support team.

If you are reading this on the phone you have WhatsApp installed on, you should also be able to click this link to easily message our team.

Alternativly if the above doesn't work you can follow the instructions below to send our team a message.

How to message Spares 4 Repairs on WhatsApp:

  1. Simply save the following number to the contacts on your mobile: 07307227795
  2. Once you have saved the above number in your address book you should shortly find us in your WhatsApp contact list with the same name you saved us as in your address book, for example “Spares 4 Repairs”.
  3. You can now send us photos or video of the part you are trying to replace.
  4. We aim to respond promptly during business hours (Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm)

Please be aware our team are using a computer to respond to WhatsApp messages and will never see SMS message, phone calls or WhatsApp voice calls. The above number is strictly for images / videos of problem parts to be sent via WhatsApp only.

Getting Started with WhatsApp:

For those of you with a smartphone who don’t currently use WhatsApp, you will find that WhatsApp is compatible with most Android smartphones, this includes most smartphones from Google, HTC, Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei and Xiaomi to name some of the more well-known manufacturers. In addition all iPhones are able to use WhatsApp too.

WhatsApp is free to download and use from the app store on your phone.

Download WhatsApp on Android via the Google Play Store

Download WhatsApp on iPhone via the App Store

Once you have downloaded and installed WhatsApp, load WhatsApp and follow the simple on screen setup process. You are then good to go and add Spares 4 Repairs as a contact.

Adding a contact on WhatsApp and sending a message:

This process will vary from phone to phone, so the screenshots below might not 100% represent how things look on your mobile device. Essentially you want to load the address book app on your phone and create a new contact, with our WhatsApp support number:

WhatsApp Create Contact 1

After load WhatsApp and start a new chat:

WhatsApp Start New Chat

Find Spares4Repairs in your contact list:

WhatsApp Talk To Contact

You can then send us a message and attach a photo from your camera or one form your gallery you have taken earlier:

WhatsApp Send Message / File

We will do our best to promptly respond during business hours with the replacement part you need to buy.