Roto Tilt Turn Window Slim 8mm Drive Gear 1 x E Cam GR.580 621-800

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Roto Tilt Turn Window Slim 8mm Drive Gear 1 x E Cam GR.580 621-800 is available to buy in increments of 1

Roto Tilt Turn slim 8mm backset Drive Gear operates the Roto Tilt & Turn drive mechanism and was often found on Aluminimum tilt & turn window openers due to its slimline backset not protruding into the opening window sash. Connects into corner drives to move locking parts round all 4 sides of the tilt turn window.

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Roto Slim 8mm Backset Tilt Turn Roto Drive Gear With E Cam Lock Points

  • Backset: 8mm 
  • Handle hole centres: 43mm 
  • Faceplate: 16mm 

The Roto drive gears were commonely used by fabricators over the years and came in a number of varying formats and types of lock points. These slim backset drive gears were often found & used on Aluminimum windows feature the E cam lock point with an Allen key head which is on an excentric spigot and moves in and out by up to approx 1mm to increase or decrease the seal between the opening sash and outerframe. The Roto slim backset drive gear is able to be used on very slim window sashes such as Aluminimum systems as the gearbox only protrudes slightly onto the opener and the gearbox is kinked outward into the outer frame rebate rather than into the window opening sash.

GR1 - 621-800 (Actual length before cutting = 350mm) 1 x E cam lock point
GR2 - 801-1200 (Actual length before cutting = 595mm) 1 x E cam lock point
GR3 - 1201-1600 (Actual length before cutting = 1125mm) 2 x E cam lock point
GR4 - 1601-2000 (Actual length before cutting = 1520mm) 2 x E cam lock point
GR5 - 2001-2400 (Actual length before cutting = 2010mm) 4 x E cam lock point

Underneath the faceplate are teeth to connect to any Roto corner drives that may be fitted. It is possible the old Roto drive gears you have will likely be obsolete and superseded with the new ones shown which are now also been phased out but still in stock!

 These old Roto tilt drive gears roller cams were different and recognisible because they were a slim cylindrical round shape. However the new ones will likely still fit into the keeps but it is also usual that the keep may need moving to suit the new cams and positions. This is really easy as the keeps are simply screwed into place on the outer frame. The connection teeth should still be the same and should fit once cut down.

Lastly the anti-miss handling rocker switch on the old gears is now different so again you may need to move the striker plate that forces it to close when the window is operated in the closed position. It is not unknown for some fabricators to lock and keep these new switches in the closed position and not use them as they find them very troublesome to set up, and if the window flexes and moves can prevent the window operating

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