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Hautau Garrant Tilt Turn Drive Gear Repair Centre Gear box

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Hautau Garrant Drive Gear Tilt Turn Window Retro Fit Repair Replacement Gearbox and Patio Door Drives

The Hautau Garrant tilt turn window lock mechanisms were once very popular however they are no longer made and are now so old that all the stock is now obsolete. The new range that has superseded them has been done so assuming that all the gearing around the window will be replaced at the same time and therefore the connection points are no longer compatible meaning that you cannot fit the new parts to the old exsisting ones as a replacement repair. 

We have been able to source and create an excellent retro fit solution so that you can repair the old and no longer available window drive gears which is the part that usually fails. Just like repairing a door lock mechanism you can now replace the centre drive gear box with our unique engineered repacement SI gear box built to the same specifications.

The new Hautau  gearbox is now avaialble as a matching replacement spare part. The 2 sides of the gear box parts are connected with metric PH1 screws which is avaialble as a common screwdriver or bit (not included).

Hautau Garrant drive gears always came with the lock in the central open position. Inside the gearbox they position the gear with a break off burr inside the lock to prevent the lock moving whilst it is cut down to length to suit the particular patio. On first operation it will feel like the lock is jammed but as you exert some force on the handle you will find the burr breaks off and the lock will now run free from here on in.

The Hautau gearbox is identical to the Maco tilt turn gearbox and uses the same part/s and footprint therefore you may find both parts are referenced but with regard to the gearbox they are one and the same for retro repair gears.

Please note that the pre-cut holes in the plate that the serretated teeth are connected to which the gear engages is re-used. If it is badly worn, then the new gear-box cogs can no longer grasp it properly and move it reliably.

 What You Will Receive:

  • 1 X Centre gearbox as shown (when the 1 X number option is chosen)
  • 1 X Fitting instruction sheet

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