How to fit a window hinge:

This tutorial will help you change uPVC Window Hinge’s, although it is fairly straightforward careful planning is important. In some cases if the faulty window is not on the ground floor two people will be needed, one to support the window and the other to fix the window sash to the window frame.


1: Measuring The Original Window Hinge

To be able to change your faulty window hinge you must first measure the hinge (Dim A)

Fit Window Hinge 1

(Dim A)

Measure the existing window hinge from the top corner to the end of the long bar (See Diagram Fig 1)

Please note the size when ordering a new window hinge choose a hinge that match’s the size of the original. (It is not essential that the length is exactly the same, but the lengths should be as near as possible)  Second measure the width of the hinge (Dim B) the most common width is 17-18mm however should your hinge be 15-16mm then you should choose the slimline version

(Fig 1)

The window hinges at both sides should be replaced even if only one is faulty

Most uPVC windows now fit window hinges with a stack height of 13mm however some of the older window frames have hinges with a stack height of 17mm.  (See Diagram fig 2)  The most common height is 13mm however should yours measure 17mm then you will need the 17mm stack height range.

(Fig 2)

2: Removing The Faulty Window Hinge

To remove the old hinge there will normally be three screws holding the hinge to the sash and three holding the hinge to the outer frame, remove each screw (Please note if the sash is large you will need help to support the sash while you remove the screws)  (See Diagram fig 3)

3: Purchasing the Window Hinge:

4: Replacing The Window Hinge

The new window hinge should be placed against the top corner of the frame, if the original holes are not visible or do not match the new hinge don’t worry new holes can me made with the original screws.

uPVC frames have a resistance to screws similar to wood  (See Diagram Fig 4)


5: Fitting the hinge to the sash

Fitting the hinge to the sash is the same as the outer frame but you will need to check a few things, first put the top of the hinge near to the top of the sash and attach two screws, then check to see if the window will close correctly and in the right position, you may need to alter the position of the hinge slightly higher or lower to achieve the correct positioning.  (See Diagram fig 5)