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Need Replacement UPVC Parts? Then all is not lost!

UPVC Windows and Doors were introduced in to the UK in the early 1980’s, lots of UPVC products from the early days are still going strong. However as it’s now 30 years since UPVC became popular in the United Kingdom, over the years certain parts on UPVC Windows and Doors have started to fail. While the UPVC and in the majority of cases the double glazed units are still giving sterling service, the same cannot be said for the window and door furniture. Replacement UPVC Parts are often required to keep UPVC products in service.

You might wonder how you would even go about fixing a UPVC door or window? The average person with mechanical or DIY skills can purchase replacement UPVC parts and fix window locks & door locks, door & window handles, and both door & window hinges with ease.

Replacement UPVC parts are available, and in a lot of instances the old UPVC parts can be removed and simply replaced with the new replacement UPVC part. If the original items are no longer available there is usually a viable option that can be installed with very little additional work required.

Replacement UPVC Window Parts

On UPVC Windows the most problematic issue is the locking mechanism, manufacturers are discontinuing and consolidating their ranges. The original manufacturers item may no longer be available, however an alternative usually is and only requires an adjustment to the position of the keeps on the window frame.

Offset window Espagnolette locking mechanisms can be identified by the thinness of the gearbox, and the fact that is set to one side of the faceplate.

[caption id="attachment_306" align="aligncenter" width="640"]A Replacement UPVC Window Gaarbox A Replacement UPVC Window Gaarbox[/caption]

Replacement UPVC Door Parts

For doors locking mechanisms that only have roller cams or mushroom cams are the ones where finding replacements can be more difficult. Again alternatives are usually available but will require the relocation of the keeps on the door frame. Fhur and GU Ferco are the common brands when it comes to replacement UPVC door parts.

Roller Cam & Mushroom Cam

Once the window and door furniture items have been replaced there is no reason why UPVC window or doors should not go on giving many more years of excellent service.