Replacement Old Coldseal Tallon Upvc Window Lock

One of the most common questions we get asked is “how do I repair my old Coldseal UPVC window lock rod”? Unfortunately the Coldseal window lock was withdrawn from the market when they went bust in the 1990’s.

Over the years they had a number of variations of locks they used but the two most common were the Tallon window lock which had a number of mini hooks dependent on the length of lock that protruded into the outer frame when operated. The other one was a centre window lock gearbox which then connected to a couple of shootbolt extension rods that wrapped round the side of the window when operated.

Coldseal Tallon Coldseal Tallon


"The old Coldseal Tallon window lock gearbox has no like for like replacement on the market"

Above Images - Tallon Window Lock
Below Image - The Keep

Coldseal Tallon

Do not be fooled by the many companies saying that their window lock is a “Coldseal window lock replacement kit”, the old Coldseal Tallon window lock gearbox has no like for like replacement on the market. In almost all the cases they are simply selling an inline upvc window lock rod with mushroom cams. The problem with this is that the Coldseal Tallon window lock was an offset gearbox, which basically means that it did not rely on sitting in the centre of the purpose made euro-groove (which is what the inline window locks have to do) and this also means that the new cam positions are moved further back into the property than the old lock because of this.

You will find if you use these inline lock kits you will have to rout the gearbox opening to accommodate the new lock box and on top of this you are likely to have to chop a lot of pvc out to accommodate the new keep positions. Yes it may well work after this but you may well find it a labour of love and run the risk of taking the structural integrity out of the window.

So what’s the answer?

If you use the Gardinia Window Lock Rod Kit you should find that the centre gearbox fits in situ into the already routed hole with little or no work to do so and the existing window handle will fit back into this new lock with no issues at all.

You will also need to use the matching included with the lock rod kit, the keeps may require packing behind or even the pvc shaving with a craft knife to suit the Coldseal profile system, however that is pretty much it and once done should restore the window back to full working order, at a fraction of the cost of a new window.

The old Coldseal window lock centre gearbox variation is relatively simple to replace as it was the same lock as the Mila centre gearbox other than it was slightly offset and did not have any mushroom cams on it.

You may need to open the routing detail and or ignore the cams (some older versions did not have the roller cams fitted on the gearbox) that the old gearbox fitted into with a sharp chisel or knife which is not a difficult job to house the new wider gearbox, the shootbolt extension arms will fit back in place as before.

Hopefully this will have helped in the repair of an old Coldseal window that uses the Coldseal Tallon window lock.