A tutorial on how to measure a multi point door lock, once you know what to measure this should be a simple task to complete.

Follow these steps to identify your multi point door lock:

1. Measure the multi point door lock using the diagram below
2. Look up a new Multipoint Door Lock lock to confirm it is the exact lock that you wish to replace.

Measure a multi point door lock:

[caption id="attachment_356" align="aligncenter" width="396"]UPVC Multi Point Door Lock Measuring Diagram UPVC Multi Point Door Lock Measuring Diagram[/caption]

A. Backset – The distance from the front of the faceplate to the centre of the euro hole cut out.
B. Centres – the distance from the centre of the spindle to the centre of the euro hole cut out.
C, D, E, F: Locking point distances – Measure the distance of each locking point to the centre of the spindle. Measurements are taken to the middle of the locking point but allow 5-10mm for accuracy and depending on weather the locking points are fully engaged.

Locking points:

Note which locking points your lock has and the order they are fixed to the strip, each type of locking point is shown below.

UPVC Multi Point Door Locking Point