We often get email's asking how to identify a replacement Espag for a Upvc Window. Espags are designed to fit in Window frames through a slot behind the handle.

However Espags can have quite a lot of variations you need to look out for to identify the correct replacement. For example some Espags are offset, which means they do not sit central to the rail they are on, however some do fit central. You also might find some have mushroom cams, however others have roller cams, or even shootbolts for example.

A few other key points exist that you should also be aware of.

With that in mind we have created a video to showcase the difference between the various types of Upvc Window Espags that are available, this will hopefully give you the knowledge in what to look for in a replacement Espag, so you can identify the correct replacement Espag first time.

Of course if you are still not 100% sure and need more advice you can email our team, include as much information as possible and we will do our best to advise you on undertaking the repair. Photos and measurements are always good to help us better help you.

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