Struggling to keep busy? now is the time to give your windows and doors some TLC.

Why not clean your uPVC frames with our Gardinia Siroflex SX UPVC Frame Cream Cleaner Litre Bottle UPVC Restorer? in addition you can also get the glass looking as good as new with our Gardinia Siroflex SX Glass Cleaner Litre Bottle Upvc Double Glazing.

One of the most overlooked parts on your door is the euro key cylinder which never gets cleaned or lubricated, never lubricate a cylinder with a wet lubricant such as oil or WD40 it will always make the situation worse not better, this is because a euro cylinder has inside it a number of pins, springs and retaining clips.

If you put a wet lubricant into it you will cause these to stick together and any dirt and grit from outside will get stuck in these moving parts and will cause it to jam and break down.

Instead you should always use a dry lubricant such as a graphite powder. Graphite powder is super smooth and allows parts to slide without any friction & does not adhere to foreign particles
such as dirt and grit. This quick and easy fix may save you a fortune should your cylinder fail meaning you need the services of a locksmith call out.

Is it also time to update those tired and worn door handles you have been meaning to replace? that's something we can help with thanks to our wide range of door handles for Upvc and Composite doors. Have a browse of our Upvc Door handles now.

In the event you can't find a replacement our universal handle fits most doors.

We can teach you how to measure your existing door handles:

As your at it, is now the time to take a look at your security? The sash jammer is the go to high security product.

Hopefully our video tutorial on how to fit a sash jammer will show you just how easy it is to do and inspire you with the confidence to do so.

Hopefully we have reminded you of some upgrades that are possible to give your existing windows and doors some TLC and potential additional security in the process.

If you have any questions then do contact us, our team are always happy to advise on replacement parts and security upgrades.