When your handle breaks on a window and you need to replace it, the following method should be used.

Firstly, there are a lot of different handles on the market, so the methods could change slightly on each, but generally they should be similar.

If you can see any screw covers on the handle, then they need to be removed with a sharp tool or small knife. There are two screws holding the handle onto the window, the second screw could be behind the handle that you turn. So, you need to open the handle to reveal it.

It should then have revealed the screw heads, which are usually a pozi-drive screw. Turning anti clockwise, remove the screws from the handle.

This should then allow you to remove the handle and the back plate from the window by pulling it.

From the rear of the handle, there should be a 7-mm square spindle protruding which then passes through the opening window frame, into the gearing which drives the locking mechanism.

If the rod has remained inside the window frame, you need to pull it out with some type of gripping tool.

With the handle and backplate now in your hand, push the square bar firmly back into the handle.

Now you need to measure the length of the square rod, to determine which handle you need to purchase. It should be between 15-mm up to 55-mm long.

You can now look on our website to find the part you need.

There are two types of casement handles (windows that open outwards) some are just simply straight handles and some cranked handles; the cranked handles will need ordering as either left or righthand handles.

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The other type of handle is the Tilt & Turn version which are always a straight handle and have a standard length of spindle.

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To install the handle, you will probably have left the window in the locked position as you removed the handle. So, when you offer the new handle onto the window, you need to have the handle in the locked position, which will leave you with only one of the screw holes visible. I would always put the first screw into the handle and just tighten up slightly, then open the window handle and fix the second screw now. Do not over tighten the screws as it could distort the gearing behind the handle and cause difficulty in operating the handle in the future.

I think that you should have completed the job now and have a perfectly working window once more.