How to fit a door handle to a UPVC Door:

1: With the door in the open position, place one hand over the external handle and hold firmly in place. Using the correct type of screw-driver,un-tighten the fixing screws on the Internal handle set.

2: With both Internal screws loose the external handle should now be free and can be removed.

3: Once the fixing screws have been removed, the internal handle should be free to be taken off revealing both the cylinder and the 8mm spindle beneath. Screw fixing holes will also be clearly shown.

4: Remove the spindle. Using a ruler, measure the length of both the fixing screws and the spindle to ensure that the new handle contains the correct sizes. Crop if necessary. Once correct replace the spindle before proceeding.

5: Place the new external handle into the fixing holes locating them using the screw fixing lugs. The lever should be located onto the spindle at 90 degrees and should be facing away from the face of the door and back towards the door hinges. The handle will also be located over the cylinder. Repeat for the internal handle.

6: With handles both aligned correctly replace both fixing screws and finger tighten only. Test the door handle to ensure full operation can be achieved. When full operation is achieved, fully tighten the fixing screws using the screw-driver to complete the installation.