Burglary Prevention has become a hot topic recently, a rise in burglaries over the 2009 to 2012 period in the Leeds area has been attributed to weak Euro Profile Locks found on UPVC doors, which criminals have been able to pick or break. A recommended counter-measure to improve home security and help with Burglary Prevention is to purchase and install an Anti-Snap Door Cylinder. Anti-Snap Door Cylinders are highly effective at resisting lock snapping, picking and bumping techniques, which the Euro Profile Lock is less adept to handle.

Around a quarter of break-ins over the autumn and winter period in 2012 in Tilehurst have been attributed to unsecured windows and doors, often to the back of the property. As a result of this, the police have advised homeowners to do the following to improve security and assist with Burglary Prevention.

So what can be done to assist with burglary prevention?

• Ensure that all windows and doors are securely locked before going out.
• If you leave windows open while you sleep, make sure that you have fitted window restrictions, making it so that they cannot be opened fully.
• If you are in your back garden and no one else is in the house, make sure that the windows and doors at the front of the house have been secured.
• Do not display valuables near open windows or in areas of the home where they can be clearly seen from outside.
• Make sure all barbecue, gardening tools or other equipment is securely locked in your shed, as they can be used to assist in a break in.
• Ensure that all tools, barbecue and gardening equipment has been securely locked up in a shed as tools can be used to break in.
• Installing outside security lighting, motion sensor lights or having a visible alarm can help to deter criminals from breaking in.
• Make sure that your door keys are not left near any entry points, as they can be ‘fished’ out through open windows, your letterbox or a cat flap.

If you leave any tools or equipment in your shed, make sure that it is fitted with tamper proof screws or coaching bolts with a Pad Bar or a Hasp and Staple and a Close Shackle Padlock. This will help prevent burglars gaining access to your property, which can be used to gain entry to your house or allowing them to selling it on elsewhere. You can mark your property with either an ultra violet pen, marking or engraving them to help police track any stolen property.

The fishing technique mentioned above was exemplified through a series of burglary’s by a gang of 7 criminals who stole from homes in Hampshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey, who managed to steal more than half a million pounds worth of property from 30 homes. They have since been arrested and have received prison sentences.

Hopefully some of these often overlooked burglary prevention tips will help secure your home.