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Standard Window Hinges

Standard Window Hinges

Standard hinges are sometimes called low stack and are the most commonly used hinge on Upvc double glazed windows.

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Standard hinges are most commonely used on all types of Upvc casement window. They are still widely used today on all types of window systems and even found on many timber windows. They are available in the most usual 13mm stack height, but also widely used is the 17mm stack height.

Friction stays are easily changed on Upvc windows, even if the hinges are of a different make they will work perfectly as long as you choose the same length and stack height. We always advise changing both stays at the same time, this is why we always sell them in pairs. Even if one friction stay is ok it will break down in time.

Measuring The Original Upvc Window Hinge:

To be able to change your faulty window hinge you must first measure the hinge:

Measure the Upvc Window Hinge

Measure the existing window hinge from the top corner to the end of the long bar, please note the size when ordering a new window hinge choose a hinge that match’s the size of the original. (It is not essential that the length is exactly the same, but the lengths should be as near as possible). Second measure the width of the hinge, the most common width is 17-18mm however should your hinge be 15-16mm then you should choose the slimline version Most Upvc windows now fit window hinges with a stack height of 13mm however some of the older window frames have hinges with a stack height of 17mm.

The most common height is 13mm, however should yours measure 17mm then you will need the 17mm stack height range.

How to Identify The Handing on a UPVC Window Stay Friction Hinge: