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Upvc Keeps

Upvc Keeps

You will find a wide variety of replacement Upvc window or door keeps and striker lock plates to suit your existing Upvc windows, doors and conservatories. Please scroll down to read why finding an exact match will not always be possible and our recommended solution for this common problem.

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Upvc Window And Door Keep Striker Plates

You will find a wide variety of replacement Upvc window or door lock keeps to suit your existing upvc windows, doors and Conservatories. From upvc window and door dead bolt keeps to upvc window striker fixings, supplied from manufacturers such as GU, Fuhr and Lockmaster.

We supply Upvc door hook keeps and adjustable Upvc door latch plates to suit all types of locks, including Avocet, Maco, Mila and Siegenia, however despite this it can often be difficult to find a keep which matches your existing one perfectly.

Finding a matching keep for a Upvc Door or Window

It’s often impossible to find an exact match as keeps are a profile related part, which will of been made to fit a specific profile at point of manufacture.

Over the years profile companies have a vested interest in updating and changing the shape of the products every few years to meet new demands and standards.

Once this happens the shape of the keep become discontinued, as the requirement for them is gone.

To this end the only option is to modify a keep which is a close match, or modify the profile Upvc to suit. You can normally do this relatively easy by either removing some of the Upvc up stand with a sharp wood chisel or Stanley knife. Alternatively you may need to create a bit of a shim / packer to put underneath the keep to give it a flat bed to sit on. Once you do this screw it firmly in place and you should have a trouble free installation.

You generally need to concentrate on the detailed dimension drawings we have provided with each of our keeps to find the exact dimensions.

When replacing a door latch keep please keep in mind that some door keeps are handed, this video will explain information relating to the handing of some door keeps.

UPVC Door Latch Plate Handing Information Video: