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Avocet Replacement Multipoint Door Locking Mechanisms and Gearboxs to repair UPVC and Composite Doors.

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Avocet Multipoint Upvc Door Locking Mechanism

Avocet Upvc door locks were previously known as WMS and manufactured multipoint door locking hardware mechanisms, We have a wide choice of Avocet door locks available.

Avocet WMS door locks are avilable in many guises for instance 2 hook and 4 roller door locks or 2 hook and 2 roller avocet door locks. There are also 4 roller cam Avocet door locks and a deadbolt avocet door lock mechanism.

Many avocet WMS locks have been discontinued over the years but we have a huge selection that still do the job, Coldseal also widely used the Avocet 4 hook door lock on their later doors after the mila door lock was finished.

How To Measure The Backset On Upvc Door Lock Mechanisms: