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Multipoint Mechanisms

Multipoint Mechanisms

Multipoint mechanisms with deadbolts, hooks, mushrooms or pin bolts to repair faulty or broken Upvc doors.

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Replacement Upvc Door Locks and Upvc Multipoint Door Lock Mechanisms

If you need to repair that faulty upvc door lock mechanism we have a vast range of replacement upvc multipoint locks and upvc door locks. If your Upvc door lock is broken and needs repairing we have the parts to replace your upvc door lock

How To Measure a Multipoint Door Lock:

  1. Measure the multi point door lock using the diagram below
  2. Find a new Multipoint Door Lock using our site to confirm it is the exact lock that you wish to replace:

How To Measure a Multipoint Door Lock

A. Backset – The distance from the front of the faceplate to the centre of the euro hole cut out.

B. Centres – the distance from the centre of the spindle to the centre of the euro hole cut out.

C, D, E, F: Locking point distances – Measure the distance of each locking point to the centre of the spindle. Measurements are taken to the middle of the locking point but allow 5-10mm for accuracy and depending on weather the locking points are fully engaged.

Locking points:

Note which locking points your lock has and the order they are fixed to the strip, each type of locking point is shown below.


How to measure the backset on a UPVC door lock mechanism:


How replace a full length UPVC door lock mechanism: