Maco Upvc Door Shoot Bolt Corner Extensions Top And Bottom Parts E92

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Maco Upvc Door Shoot Bolt Corner Extensions Top And Bottom Parts E92 is available to buy in increments of 1

Maco upvc door shoot bolt corner connector extensions. Connect into the relevant Maco door lock that has connector teeth to drive the shoot bolts in and out.

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Maco upvc door shoot bolt extension parts top and bottom corner with Mushroom roller cams. 

These are the Maco shoot bolt corners that when connected to the relevant Maco door locks that have connector teeth under the door faceplate allows them to be driven via the door lever mechanism. These shoot bolts are widely used on the Maco french door mechanisms to securely anchor the slave door lock into the centre of the outer frame. it was also widely used on standard residential doors as an additional security feature to do the same. Sometimes had E92 stamped on them.

The shoot bolts come with both parts and one of the bolts has a built in reverse mechanism to allow the bolt to operate in the same manner as the opposite corner bolt as the drive mechanism moces in the same direction. Each shoot bolt also has an additional mushroom roller cam attatched which can be ignored if wished or can be removed if required such as when it is going under a french door false mullion.

Fitting tip: If you are replacing the older type door lock (approx pre 2010) it is likely that the new door lock mechanism teeth will move in the opposite direction therefore you will need to swap the top corner to the bottom and the bottom to the top to accomodate this. The size is identical so you will not need to cut anything.
Removing the mushroom roller cam: If you decide you need to remove the roller cam the quickest and easiest way is to turn the shoot bolt over to reveal the reverse of the roller cam. You will now see the cramped metal head that has been squased out to hold it in situ. Firmly hold the bolt in a vice or such like tool. Start with a small drill such as a 3mm and drill a hole approx 1mm  deep in the centre, then drill a larger hole approx 8mm drill this will remove the squased head and if you then tap the reverse with a philips head screwdriver or such the roller cam will fall off. This will have no detriment to the shoot bolt and will work perfectly fine from there on in.


See the new door lock for further information Search for Maco part 164 (this is the 35mm backset version)

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Gref 2025
Brand Maco
Type Lock Operated Shootbolt
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