GU Ferco Upvc Door Lock 3 Dead Bolts 35mm Backset 92pz Inbound Bolts

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GU Ferco Upvc Door Lock 3 Dead Bolts 35mm Backset 92pz Inbound Bolts is available to buy in increments of 1

This is the full length GU Ferco Rhino Europa Lock, Mark 2 Version, 2 Deadbolts UPVC Multipoint door lock mechanism. It has inbound bolts with bolt centres spindle to top 570mm and 660mm to bottom.

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GU Ferco Europa Upvc Door Lock 3 Dead Bolts 35mm Backset 92mm PZ Inbound bolts

A - Spindle to Key: 92mm
B - Backset: 35mm
C - Op Type: Lever/Lever
D - Locking Points: 2 Deadbolts
E - Faceplate Dimension: 16mm

What You Will Receive:

1 X Full length locking mechanism

The overall length of the lock faceplate shown is simply trimmed down at the ends with a hacksaw to suit the length of your door. It also has teeth behind the faceplate to fit to shoot bolts if required, if they are not used or required you can ignore them as they will not cause any issues.

N:B If your door is very old you may find the old GU top & bottom dead bolt locks were a lot thinner than the new type on our lock shown which have a tapered wider bolt that may grind on the existing keep. If this is the case you could file the keep opening wider to accommodate it or alternatively fit the wider GU keep plates now made to suit the locks. Search for our part number 390 : Or paste: Gu Ferco Hook Dead Bolt Door Keep Striker To Suit Europa Locks in the search tab.

What does Inbound / Outbound bolts mean ?
Simply it is terminology used by the industry to state the top & bottom deadbolt positions. I:E the Inbound bolts are nearer together therefore allowing the overall length of the door lock to be cut much shorter and this lock is often (not exclusively) found on shorter height doors. The Outbound deadbolts refers to them been further apart meaning the lock is used on a more common height door as the bolts are nearer to the top and bottom of the door. You should observe the detailed dimension drawing/s to cross reference against your exsisting lock system for a best fit match. Both door lock types work in exactly the same manner and are operated by lifting or pulling down the door handle lever.

More Information
Gref 141
Choose Colour White Patio Handle Slim Ext Side
Brand GU Ferco
PZ (Spindle To Key) 92mm
Backset 35mm
Rollers 0
Mushrooms 0
Hooks 0
Pinbolts 0
Deadbolts 3
Faceplate Dimensions 16mm
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