Upvc Window Lock Rod Kit Also Repairs Offset Or Inline 25mm Backset

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Upvc Window Lock Rod Kit Also Repairs Offset Or Inline 25mm Backset is available to buy in increments of 1
A Gardinia 25mm backset and 16mm width faceplate upvc window lock espagnolette repair rod, offset or inline type mushroom espagnolette that can be used to repair and replace the old type window locks that are now obsolete. Includes matching frame keeps and also screw fixings pack and optional keep packer shims for profile variations.

The Gardinia Lock Rods Replacement Upvc Window Lock Rod 25mm Backset 16mm Faceplate. 

  • Backset: 25mm
  • Gearbox Mounted: Offset Or Inline
  • Faceplate: 16mm Flat
  • Length: Varies 400mm to 1000mm long
  • Locking Point Type: Mushroom 8mm cam Height
  • Number of Locking Points: 2 to 6
  • Included is 1 window lock, window screws and matching frame keeps to suit the new lock.

This espag will fit most upvc window locks in either offset gearbox espags or even inline type. The handle screw centres are universal so will fit the existing Coldseal or other window handles You may need to move the striker keeps on the outer frame to suit the new espag but this is simply removal of the fixing screws and re fixing the new keeps in position to suit.

We have developed the Gardinia 25mm backset window lock rod kit so that it is a suitable replacement to repair a broken older no longer made window lock that also had a 25mm backset dimension . This lock will normally fit into the routed opening and has the same screw to screw handle dimensions of 43mm and 7mm spindle size. However dependant on the routed hole size you may need to open the hole slightly with either a craft knife or preferablly a sharp wood chisel to allow it to sit in place properly.

You may also need new window keeps and screws to suit the new window lock and you will need as many as there are lock points on the relevant new lock. This window lock comes complete with the matching keeps and screws included. Once fitted you should find this combination a suitable replacement for the old Coldseal tallon window lock. Please take time to view our detailed description page (see thumbnail images above and to the left on this page listing) for more information.

The new lock cams have a allen key hole in them which when you turn it will move the cams in and out approx 1-2mm to adjust the window compression.

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Gref 2698
Choose Colour No
Brand Gardinia
Backset 25mm
Rollers No
Mushrooms Yes
Deadbolts No
Faceplate Dimensions No
Tongue No

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