Upvc Multipoint Door Lock Full Kit 4 Cam Repair Most Door Systems

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Upvc Multipoint Door Lock Full Kit 4 Cam Repair Most Door Systems is available to buy in increments of 1

This is the Gardinia universal 4 roller cam Multipoint Repair UPVC door locking mechanism full kit with a universal non handed continious full length matching frame keep to suit almost all 92mm pz upvc systems on the market. Available with a 28mm, 35mm & 45mm backset and 16mm faceplate, that replaces many of the the old models no longer manufactured and available.

This unique Gardinia upvc multipoint range of repair door locks comes as a kit complete with full length matching frame keep and fixing screws to allow the user to quickly and successfully repair their door with the minimum of effort and skills.

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Gardinia Universal Multipoint Repair Door Lock 28mm, 35mm or 45mm Backset, 4 Roller Cams, 16mm Faceplate Full Kit and Keep Plate for Upvc Doors

  • Spindle to Key: 92mm
  • Backset: 28mm, 35mm or 45mm (the 45mm will come with optional split spindle always)
  • Op Type: Lever/Lever Solid Spindle or optional split spindle version in the 35 and 45 Backset (If you choose the split spindle gearboxit also comes with an optional split spindle pack  )
  • Locking Points: 4 Roller Cams and centre deadbolt
  • Faceplate Dimension: 16mm
  • Includes full door lock and matching full keep plate 
  • Includes optional frame packers to suit many profile variations
  • Includes optional fixing screws

What You Will Receive:

1 X Full length locking mechanism

1 X Matching full keep plate

8 X Frame packers

Optional fixing screws

The upvc multipoint repair door lock is a unique answer to broken and now obsolete door lock systems once found on the upvc residential door market. The door lock is able to provide a quick and secure repair to almost all broken door locks by replacing the old lock system and comes with a matching full length door frame keep that covers over the old routed holes to provide a neat and tidy repair.

What is a split spindle gearbox option?
The split spindle door lock is made to suit door systems with the most common 92mm pz and is available with a 35mm & 45mm backset and a 16mm faceplate width. Comes complete with all parts required so that most competent DIY persons are able to complete the repair with very little work and quickly restore the old door to full working order.

Split Spindle Night Lock Operation: This lock has a spindle which is in fact 2 spindles sat one on top of the other and seperated by a thin shim of metal to allow them to work independantly of each other when fitted with the correct spindle set. In most cases people use handles with a solid square bar spindle that goes through the gearbox spindle both inside and outside in one piece. This means that they operate the same both sides of the handle therefore assuming the key cylinder is unlocked you pull the handle down and the latch retracts and you open the door. 

However, if you wish to make the external a key holder only access you achieve this by putting a purpose made split spindle pack into the each side of the lever handles (the split spindle pack must be made to suit the specific lock gearbox been used) The inside part of the handle lever will move all the roller cams and also retract the latch wjhen pulled down meaning you can open the door. However the external lever side uses the opposite side of the spindle due to the fitted split spindle pack. This outer spindle Never retracts the latch, instead you have to also turn the key in the cylinder to retract the latch meaning only key holders can enter the property without your knowledge. So if you come home and open the door once closed behind you no one can enter unless a key holder. This is called a split spindle door lock night lock operation & is to suit inline lever door handles only & is different to an offset door handle mechanism.

More Information
Gref 2930-2931-2947-2948
Choose Colour White Patio Handle Slim Ext Side
Brand Gardinia
Mechanism Type Full Lock
Rollers 4
Hooks 0
Deadbolts 1
Faceplate Dimensions 16mm

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