Fullex 2 Point Patio Door Push Pin On Outer Frame Side 31mm Backset

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This is the Fullex patio 2 point door lock with a 31mm backset and a 52mm pz. The push pin is not part of the lock case and is fitted on the outer frame side and presses in as the slider is pushed up to the outer frame so that the lock points can be operated via the levers.

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Fullex Inline Patio Door 2 Point Lock Push Pin On Outer Frame Side 31mm Backset 52pz

  • Spindle to Key: 52mm (5mm spindle)
  • Backset Dimensions 31mm
  • Locking Points: 2 number bolt rounded head locks connect to the door lock to create 2 lock points that move into the frame keep
  • N:B the dome headed screw bolts are not provided as part of lock (Re-use existing
  • The push pin is fitted to the outer frame (not the lock) and depresses as the slider pushes into the outer frame so allowing the levers to operate the door lock points. Once opened the pin springs out preventing the lock points been operated
  • Length:412mm
  • Face-plate width: 22mm N:B this is not part of this lock and you must re-use the existing one
  • PZ: 52mm
  • Case Height: 330mm
  • The pin depresses when it hits the strike-plate allowing the handle lever to be lifted to engage the locking points
  • Turn the key to lock the door
  • The pusher pin located on the frame not the door lock
  • Pusher pin is made from metal
  • The 2 point lock can connect to the top and bottom linkage points to turn it into a 4 point lock

What You Will Receive:

1 X Patio door locking mechanism

N:B Some older locks had an anti slam depression button & are now obsolete but the newer versions here & still avilable do not. The new lock operates without the need for this button and should not be an issue
Fitting: You will need to remove the cover plate/s (may be aluminimum or upvc)  which will then expose the attachment parts that connect to this lock and you will see that the lock is fed through the routed hole in the door and fed up and down to the connecting extensions which again have their own routed slot so that you can fasten / un-fasten the connecting screw bolt/s. This is not a very difficult project but does require a logical approach and some basic DIY skills.
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Gref 2438
Brand Fullex
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