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June 2012

  1. UPVC Door Hinges - Identifying the hinge type.

    You will find three types of UPVC Door Hinges. Butt type PVCU Door Hinges sometimes called a pencil or cylinder hinge, Flag type UPVC Door Hinges, and Rebate UPVC Hinges. These type of double glazing door hinges have been used by pvcu door suppliers since the late 1970's. Inevitably some suppliers are no longer trading and therefore have ceased manufactureing...
  2. Window back set dimension and how to measure it

    The back set dimension on a window locking mechanism is referred to as the space from the front of the faceplate, to the centre of the spindle, this should be measured in mm. The detailed image below illustrates where you should be measuring to and from to obtain the correct measurement. Now you have obtained the correct backset measurements you can purchase a suitable replacement. View our range of UPVC...

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