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  1. New York, New York! Not a problem for Upvc Spares 4 Repairs

    New York, New York! Not a problem for Upvc Spares 4 Repairs
    Sometimes a replacement part is not always required to make a repair, you just need some know how. Once you have this, then the fix is simple. This was the case for David from New York over in America. A local company were going to charge David $400 just to take a look at his door, thinking it couldn't be...
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  2. Spares4Repairs at the MLA Expo 2017 with Patlock Ltd

    Spares4Repairs at the MLA Expo 2017 with Patlock Ltd
    The Patlock is a revolutionary French Door security product Spares4Repairs have been behind from the start, eventually becoming the main trade distributor earlier in 2017. Mick Foster, the Spares4Repairs company chairman was pleased to go down to the MLA Expo 2017 with Patlock Ltd to help promote the Patlock. The MLA Expo is Europes Largest Locksmith & Security Exhibition Trade Show...
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  3. Upvc Window and Door Video Repair Tutorials

    Upvc Window and Door Video Repair Tutorials
    The Upvc Spares 4 Repairs team has spent a lot of time filming video tutorials on how to undertake Upvc Window and Door related repair tasks. A lot of repairs are often quite easy, once you know how! For example changing the lock (euro cylinder) on a Upvc door is a very simple task, once you have measured the existing...
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  4. Send us Photos / Videos via WhatsApp

    Send us Photos / Videos via WhatsApp
    We have noticed customers have not always been able to email us photos or video of a problem part they are trying to replace, however have access to WhatsApp and a mobile phone. WhatsApp is a free mobile messaging app with over 1 billion users, many people use WhatsApp instead of text or multimedia messages due to WhatsApp messages been...
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  5. Home Security For The Holidays

      It's that time of year again where Schools are finishing for the summer and families are going away on holiday. Security is important when your family home is going to vacant for a couple of weeks. We have been recommending three products to our customers aimed at increasing security when away from the home. The ABS Euro Cylinder: The...
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  6. Upvc Door Lock Operation Types

    There are five types of locking operation for Upvc doors: Lift Leaver, Nightlatch Locking, Key Wind, Fast Locking (Europa Plus) and Automatic Locking. Please see the diagram below for a description of the different Upvc door locking types.
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  7. Quantitative Discount Money Saver

      Something we have wanted to do for a long time is reward customer loyalty, with our old website this was simply not possible with the system we had in place. However on this brand new version of our site we have a lot more functionality and control over our product pricing. So what is our new Quantitative Discount Money...
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  8. The Glazing Bead Conundrum

    A question we have received a number times recently is  “I need some replacement glazing beads for a window.” The answer is no, we do not sell replacement glazing beads. I will try to explain why we don’t and why it will be difficult to find some. While there are some standards for handles and locking mechanisms etc, glazing beads...
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  9. Old Coldseal Tallon Upvc Window Lock

    Replacement Old Coldseal Tallon Upvc Window Lock One of the most common questions we get asked is “how do I repair my old Coldseal UPVC window lock rod”? Unfortunately the Coldseal window lock was withdrawn from the market when they went bust in the 1990’s. Over the years they had a number of variations of locks they used but the two...
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  10. Cego Gearbox Latch Reversal Instructions

    How to reverse the latch on a Cego gearbox to fit in a UPVC Door Cego door gearboxs are easy to reverse the latch on, it is simply the case of removing the screws, reversing the latch, then re screwing the screws in, the whole process should take a couple of minutes at the very most to complete. Step 1 - Unscrew...
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