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  • Send us Photos / Videos via WhatsApp

    We have noticed customers have not always been able to email us photos or video of a problem part they are trying to replace, however have access to WhatsApp and a mobile phone.

    WhatsApp is a free mobile messaging app with over 1 billion users, many people use WhatsApp instead of text or multimedia messages due to WhatsApp messages been free to send, this includes photo and video messages too.

    With this in mind we have setup a system where customers can WhatsApp us both photos and video directly from their smartphone.

    Simply save the following number to the contacts on your mobile: 07447330422

    Once you have saved the above number in your address book you should shortly find us in your WhatsApp contact list with the same name you saved us as in your address book, for example “Spares 4 Repairs”.

    How we use WhatsApp:

    1. It's not viable for us to offer support via WhatsApp, as such will not reply to any messages on WhatsApp. We offer WhatsApp purely as an alternate way for customers to send us a photo or video who are not able to email the images.

    2. We would suggest emailing us with the problem you are having first, mentioning you have sent the images or videos of the problem / part you are replacing.

    3. Please help us to help you and include your email address with the image or video you send so we can easily reply via email,

    Note: The above number will not accept calls, sms messages or WhatsApp voice calls, it’s purely for sending us photos or videos of parts you are trying to replace.

  • Home Security For The Holidays


    It's that time of year again where Schools are finishing for the summer and families are going away on holiday. Security is important when your family home is going to vacant for a couple of weeks. We have been recommending three products to our customers aimed at increasing security when away from the home.

    The ABS Euro Cylinder:

    The first is the ABS  High Security Euro Cylinder. You might not be aware, however older insecure Euro cylinders can be snapped in a matter of seconds, allowing a would be intruder easy access in to your home.

    We recommend the ABS Secure Euro Cylinder as this cylinder use snap secure technology that snaps the cylinder from the outside, blocking the internal door mechanism if someone tries to break in, this YouTube video demonstrates more of the security videos offered by the ABS Euro Cylinder:

    The Patlock:

    The second product we recommend is the Patlock, designed for homes with French doors. The Patlock is the ultimate deterrent and French door security device. A Patlock provides maximum visibility to show any would be intruder that the door is security protected. Even if the door cylinder locks are attacked the Patlock will remain in place, forcing the French door to stay firmly closed.

    The Patlock has been featured multiples times on the BBC TV series, Break in Britain, below is a segment from that series which demonstrates how it works:

    Sash Jammers and Chains:

    Third and finally are more general security items such as Sash Jammers and Door Chains, these provide an additional layer of security, especially on older doors which can be more vulnerable to modern techniques potential intruders are using to gain access to homes.

    We stock the High security ERA Saracen door chain, suitable for both Upvc and Composite doors, along with the Fab and Fix Sash Jammer to provide a good second layer of security to Upvc Windows and Doors.

    Hopefully the products talked about above will give you a good idea on how security for your home can be quickly be improved before going away on a summer holiday.

  • Upvc Door Lock Operation Types

    There are five types of locking operation for Upvc doors: Lift Leaver, Nightlatch Locking, Key Wind, Fast Locking (Europa Plus) and Automatic Locking. Please see the diagram below for a description of the different Upvc door locking types.

    Upvc Door Lock Operation
  • Quantitative Discount Money Saver


    Something we have wanted to do for a long time is reward customer loyalty, with our old website this was simply not possible with the system we had in place. However on this brand new version of our site we have a lot more functionality and control over our product pricing.

    So what is our new Quantitative Discount Money Saver?

    We noticed that a lot of our regular customers order a lot of the same parts on a regular basis. With that in mind we thought if we could encourage our regular customers to stock up when ordering we would be able to offer even more competitive prices. The reason we are able to offer even more competitive prices on larger orders is the time and cost involved in processing, package and shipping the order is greatly reduced.

    As we're saving money we feel it's only fair to also pass these savings on to you, the customer. With that in mind we have come up with the following discount structure for both retail and trade customers:

    • Order 3-5 save 5%
    • Order 6-9 save 10%
    • Order 10 and more save 15%

    To obtain the above savings the item must be the same part, colour & size to qualify, the savings are then automatically applied at basket!

    That's it, you don't have to do anything such as liking us on Facebook, subscribing to our email newsletter or even enter any discount codes. Simply buy 3x or more of the same item and you can save up to 15%!

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